Globalize Your Listings with Powerful Marketing Technology and Expert Translation from Real-Buzz!

Realtors of the Palm Beaches and Greater Fort Lauderdale Has provided their members with these amazing FREE benefits!

IDX in 18 Global Languages

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Huge International Exposure

RAPB + GFLR puts foreign language content on your site using Immobel's unique technology, making it visible to search engines and accessible to over 90% of international viewers in their native language.

Multi-Lingual Listings

All listings are automatically translated into 18 languages, powered by Immobel - the world's largest and most comprehensive translation service for the Real Estate industry.

Plug & Play

Connect our IDX to your existing website in a few simple steps, or use your page on our domain as your very own listings portal.

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Facebook App

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Go Global

Deploy your local expertise on a global scale. Immobel's translation technology and interactive listings directory allows Facebook users worldwide to search your properties in their own languages. More than 300 million Facebook users don't speak English - Show sellers that you have truly global reach and never miss this huge market of potential foreign buyers again!

Get Social

Supercharge your social media presence and turn your Facebook business page into a powerful marketing tool with global reach.

Turn Facebook Users Into Clients

Post your listings as alerts that appear right on the news feeds of your potential clients.

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Bronze level access to Real-Buzz

Connect With Global Consumers

Use Immobel's translation services to send listings direct to consumers in the language of their choosing. Interact in real time with home buyers while they search in your local market. Network with them, connect through groups, and answer their questions in discussions and forums.

Increase Your International Visibility

Index your listings on a network of 18 global consumer facing portals, reaching potential buyers worldwide. Join the Professional Directory, helping consumers to find your branded page by location, language, affiliations, and more. Worldwide users speaking any of 18 languages can search your profile, see your qualifications and discover your expertise. More visibility = more clients!

Build Your Network

Establish global relationships with your peers and build your network to increase your global reach. Show sellers that you have the tools to market their property internationally, and earn lucrative referral fees when your local clients buy overseas.

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