Globalize Your Listings with Powerful Marketing Technology and Expert Translation from Real-Buzz!


Immobel is a Global Real Estate and Technology firm, providing market leading services and functionality to the biggest Brands, MLSs, Real Estate Industry Organizations in the world. With offices in Europe, Asia and the US, Immobel is the recognized market leader in Global Listing Search and IDX platforms, Global Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for listings, Multi Language B2B Networking, as well as Translation & Referral Services. RAPB + GFLR Agents can now take advantage of these game changing Immobel global tools for free, thanks to our exclusive collaboration.

Yes! The integrated platform built in partnership with Immobel is ready to use as your own website, with your own branding and listings. This is a great option for any Agent who doesn't yet have their own site, or one whose online presence could use an update.
Yes! If you're already happy with your own site, these tools are purpose built to be integrated in it. That way you can add value to your online brand, add listings depth and increase your global market reach - all for free thanks to RAPB + GFLR's partnership with Immobel.
Please click on marketing tools to view our instruction video and steps on how to attach your custom e-signature to your gmail and outlook.
These tools were designed to be as user friendly as possible, but if you find yourself needing assistance, call Immobel Support on 800-432-9467, or contact - or for queries about the Real-Buzz network.