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Money talks but it doesn't always speak English.

It's a lesson we've learned over fifteen years of global real estate dealings. And right now, in 2008, it's more important than ever. International buyers are flooding our markets and more and more Americans speak a language other than English.

Our mission is to help you, your members, your agents or your subscribers, connect with every buyer. To tap into markets that have been beyond your reach. To find new opportunities at home and across the world.

We've done it ourselves. Immobel, a term that amalgamates several European words for "Realty", was itself born of a new opportunity in an unlikely place: Warsaw, Poland. The year was 1991.

That year, Immobel's founder and CEO, Janet Choynowski, took occupancy of a building owned by her husband's family. This was a special building: It possessed working phone lines. A Dutch bank was interested in leasing the building. Because there were no real estate professionals in Poland (no private property, no agents), she was forced to negotiate the deal herself.

That deal grew into a booming commercial real state firm catering to the foreign real estate investors converging on Warsaw. Its greatest asset? The dozens of translators it employed, which enabled it to serve a new and multilingual market.

Immobel was born ten years later when the company developed a way to translate property information for display on the Internet in 13 different languages. The application held promise for European companies, but had even greater potential in the U.S., where online real estate was more mature.

Today, Immobel is based in South Carolina and serves hundreds of REALTORŪ associations, MLS organizations, real estate brokerage companies and individual agents by giving them the ability to reach an increasingly diverse and global real estate market.

How big is your market? We believe it's as big as you want it to be.

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