The Immobel IDX that was previously seen here is no longer being provided as a member benefit from CRMLS.

We regret any inconvenience or disruption to your business this may cause.

While you will need to make other arrangements to have IDX on your website, we invite you to visit to see that your listings are still being marketed globally in each viewers choice of languages.

You are invited to set up your profile on Real-Buzz, where you can enjoy not only connections with actual international buyers, but also can network for referrals, both globally and nationally.

As a CRMLS member, you are automatically entitled to a free Bronze level membership in Real-Buzz, but now we invite you to enjoy a free Silver level membership, worth $29!.

Just use the coupon code NOIDX during set up, or if you already have a profile on Real-Buzz, just enter your code in the "coupon code" box under your photo on your homepage to claim your upgrade.

Log in to to get started today!

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